Lindsay Lohans still got it

By brendon February 13, 2013 @ 4:20 PM


A regimen of cocaine, cigarettes, no sleep and random semen is pretty much the exact opposite of the fountain of youth, as you can tell because Lindsay Lohan is 26 (younger, for example, than Olivia Wilde, 28, Natalie Portman, 31, Anne Hathaway, 30, or Amanda Seyfried, 27) and she looked awful at the amFAR gala in New York.

Their slogan is “Making AIDS History”. Do they mean that you can have it yet still be puffy and bloated? Because if so, mission accomplished.

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    LoK 02/13/2013 16:36

    looks like shit

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    MacDaddy 02/13/2013 16:43

    I bet her snatch looks like a full ashtray found in subway stations

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    Hugh G. Rection 02/13/2013 16:52

    I bet her snatch looks like a subway station.

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    dj queef 02/13/2013 17:02

    Only a matter of time until she is doing 20 man gangbang’s on video…

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    LoK 02/13/2013 17:37

    how about a german scheisse video? its good enough for Cartman’s hermaphrodite mom

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 02/13/2013 19:49

    Her tits still have a few good years left.

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    Hill Billy Boy 02/14/2013 00:13

    The slogan “Making AIDS History” means to eliminate AIDS so that it only exists in history books.

    Has someone explained this concept to Lindsey, because she seems to be acting as if it was some Guinness World Record setting challenge.

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    dag696 02/14/2013 01:18

    i’d hit it.
    with a rock.

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    Burbank 02/14/2013 03:35

    I’d pray for her, even though it’s all her fault, but, as a ginger, she has no soul…

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    B A Baracus 02/15/2013 11:35

    Burbank, statistical fact: Gingers prefer anal.

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