news anchor Lisa Dutton is inappropiate

By brendon February 14, 2013 @ 3:26 PM


I can’t tell what anyone is saying because this is either from Canada or Minnesota, but morning news anchor Lisa Dutton was telling some story about something, based on her accent I assume it involved some combination of mooses and beer, but then just did the universal sign for blowjob for about 10 seconds.

So in hindsight hopefully the story was about beer.

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    dj queef 02/14/2013 15:32

    That’s a man,baby!!!!!!

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    MacDaddy 02/14/2013 15:33

    Newsflash……Your son is gay!

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    Ass Mint 02/14/2013 15:46

    that’s how she got her job

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    Hugh G. Rection 02/14/2013 15:58

    She did the handjob sign AND the blow job sign! a two-fer!

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    Habitual Line Stepper 02/14/2013 16:14

    She’s from Saskatoon Saskatchewan …
    Not to be confused with the Capital City, Regina Saskatchewan.
    True Story.

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    manram 02/14/2013 16:15

    These miracle whip ads on the sides are hilariously appropriate.
    “Keep and open mouth”
    “Famous mouths are opening up to Miracle Whip”

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    Zod 02/14/2013 16:21

    Hey! This blog is a lot better now. Who would have guessed that by posting and not changing anything else that this place would be alright?

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    SpAceDAiSiE 02/14/2013 16:35

    She really shouldn’t put her vibrator in her baby’s mouth.

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    wayne44870 02/14/2013 17:04

    I think we have to say her husband is a lucky guy…she seems to have all the techniques down pat.

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    Radatattat 02/14/2013 18:01

    Stoked that you’re crackin’ out the blogs again!

    Long time reader. First time poster.
    This site/blog makes my day.

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    KING KAMI SALAMI 02/14/2013 20:44

    I am so proud to say that this lady does the news for my city! Saskatoon. Let it be known, Saskatoon has the women who know what’s up.

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    Habitual Line Stepper 02/14/2013 21:07

    Hey Salami, can you call into the station tomorrow and tell her my cock is teething and I need some advice from her as a Mompeneur.
    Lisa definitely puts in “eneur’ back into ‘Mompreneur’.

    Thanks from your neighbour in Calgary, the city that all the fucking hot women from Saskatchewan move to. They really are hot … and the craziest thing? .. They were raised in Saskatchewan .. So, they don’t even know it.


    Go Riders.

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