Please UK, Take Care Of This Justin Bieber Problem For Us

By Photo Boy February 26, 2013 @ 11:45 AM

Justin Bieber ran around London yesterday grabbing his dick and wearing a gas mask. I’m told the cops over there don’t carry guns. Excellent. I’m also told Bieber is a huge Argentina fan. To be clear, Scotland Yard, my endgame here is for you to beat Justin Bieber to death. I asked America, we’re all cool with it.

Image Source – INFdaily, Splash News, WENN

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    LoK 02/26/2013 11:57

    I’ll put 100 bucks towards your legal defense if you make the kill

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    Lick-it 02/26/2013 12:02

    I may hate this kid as much as the next guy……

    ….and yet……he has licked pussy juice from Selena Gomez……

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    Doo Doo Fresh 02/26/2013 12:04

    I’d like to see this kid’s limo get hit by a SCUD missile.

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    TheBlackReturns 02/26/2013 12:05

    Photo Boy>>Bill

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    afp3 02/26/2013 12:08

    I signed up just to say that I’ve read WWTDD post via RSS feed for over 5 years. They blocked it at a former company I worked for because of adult content, and I set up a proxy so that my co-workers and I could still get to the site. In short, I’ve been a fan for a long time.

    Brendan may have sucked, his humor was off half of the time, but you replacements are batting 0.000 to his .500. Buzzfeed – do yourself a favor and hire him back.

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    deliminator 02/26/2013 12:18

    Just go to a fucking porn site, then.

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    batmans_assistant 02/26/2013 12:56

    Funny: 0 – WttD: 1

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    thewhiterhino 02/26/2013 13:27

    The lack of funny that is being displayed here is… astounding.

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    sofakingawesome 02/26/2013 15:58

    Brendons twitter. Seriously stop torturing yourself.

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    NeverBrook 02/26/2013 16:48

    What the hell does Argentina have to do with asking London to kill Justin Beiber? Fail.

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