Selena Gomez understands how to sell a movie

By brendon February 07, 2013 @ 5:43 PM


As long as ‘Spring Breakers’ keeps Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in bikinis, the movie could be about them pointing at my penis and laughing and I’d still be fine with it. I’d still see it 5 times. Hell I’ll take a date for all I care.

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    Tylerwoulddefinitelynotapprove 02/07/2013 18:03

    Day’s damn near over and here’s a third post along with a joke he’s recycled at least once before. I can see things have really turned around over here. Speaking of turning around… what happened to Peepper?

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    pump 02/07/2013 18:07

    Shut up, don’t you see them tits?

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    Pottz 02/07/2013 18:11

    pump, I don’t see any tits at all. Maybe the tits I see aren;t the same tits you see, and that’s why I don’t have to register with the local authorities.

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    Tylerwoulddefinitelynotapprove 02/07/2013 18:26

    If it wasn’t for her face I wouldn’t know if this was her back or her front. Not to mention she’s a Beiber fucker. Ahhh, who am I kidding, I’d wear her like a gas mask

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    0898 02/07/2013 18:35

    Tylerwouldnotapprove – you ought to write this site.

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    PaulLyndesTesticle 02/07/2013 18:39

    What’s with the indentation under her left breast? Was she stabbed with a spear, just like Jesus? Awesome!

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    sofakingawesome 02/07/2013 19:19

    I dont understand at all why people think she’s hot. She is so completely average in every way even in these photoshopped pics.

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 02/07/2013 22:17

    If that’s a completely average body, you must magically live in a sports illustrated swimsuit issue. She’s pretty hot.

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    CTGuyton 02/07/2013 22:27

    Anyone else notice the little camel toe on pic 11?

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    Boba Fett 02/07/2013 23:12

    I want to suck that mole on her right breast.

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    Rorschach 02/08/2013 01:03

    So when will Selena’s nudes leak already? You know the Biebs must have dozens of em.

  12. avatar 02/09/2013 21:49

    She looks like someone shopped an 8-year-old’s head onto a 20-year-old’s body. I guess she’s “jailbait” looking based on the average of the two, otherwise she must be confusing the shit out of straight men and a gay lesbian pedophiles everywhere.

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    Black Mammy 02/10/2013 10:02

    She pisses me off because she’s hot and my goddamn daughter watches her shitty shows. So, in a sense, my daughter is cock-blocking me because otherwise I’d start … goddamnit.

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    gere0123 03/04/2013 00:49

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