So You Want to Be a Belittled Writer….?

February 26, 2013 | celebrity | colin | 0 Comments

Despite the ardent few who have booked flights for Guyana to sip the crimson juice, we’ve been receiving a mass of letters from those requesting to fill the shoes of the former Messiah. Hey, the king is dead, long live the king, and all that nonsense.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, hey, I could write for WWTDD, I mean, I am awake most days and the library lets me bring my cough syrup into the community room. Fuck yeah, why not get dispensed a few bills for my self-perceived brilliance.

If you’re interested in expanding the semi-literate spread on, write us via the email address under ‘contact’ on the nav bar. Tell us ever so briefly why you’re good for a gig. Include links to at least three samples of your work online. Don’t fucking Rickroll me!