Ali Larter Has Even Tighter Jeans

By Bill March 28, 2013 @ 1:04 PM

Right there’s the thing women will never fully understand about men. The hottest woman in the world is always the next woman we see. Doesn’t matter if Sex Incarnate came through before, whatever vision of womanhood follows, is always the one we want. And, yes, awesome amazing loyal husbands that you brag to your friends about feel the same way. They’re just good at overcoming their primal instincts. Or they’re very good at lying. Either way, even if they had a sweet piece of Maria Menounos, their eyes would be wandering to Ali Larter the minute she stepped on by in tight jeans. There’s seven billion of us on the planet, there used to be two (hey, I’m old school). That growth curve doesn’t come about with a dick that settles down.

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    JL20 03/28/2013 13:22

    Whew, a woman who was hot I dunno, say 10 years ago in a pair of mom jeans. Somebody calm my penis down! Best thing about this is the fact that it’s just a single shitty paragraph rather than multiple paragraphs of shit, so congrats on that, I guess.

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    ReallyPathetic 03/28/2013 13:30

    LOL. Come on man. Those are some nice ass cheeks.

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    LoK 03/28/2013 14:30

    shes still hot

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    MacDaddy 03/28/2013 14:36

    F u ck You JL20, Ali Larter has been in my top5 ever since the Whip Cream Bikini! She’s got a near perfect ass!!

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    Pugiron 03/28/2013 16:10

    She does have a great ass, you stupid mouth breathing creationist.

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    B A Baracus 03/28/2013 16:22

    Allegra Coleman > Ali Larter

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    Shortshanks 03/28/2013 17:29

    Some moms are pretty damn hot….

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    wayne44870 03/29/2013 09:01

    what’s not to f**k about her?

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