Amanda Bynes is Good at Hiding

March 29, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Amanda Bynes, International Master of Disguise, was hiding in plain sight in New York’s Time Square with an invisibility cloak over her basketball sized face while wandering around yesterday and I’m sure no one noticed. Oh wait yes they did…

…the What I like About You actress looked like she was pretending to be a ghost while a second eyewitness notes that she was walking into things because she couldn’t see.

Maybe she’s trying to hide from Drake after shooting her mouth off on Twitter about wanting him to plow her. You know even a soft rapper’s gonna collect on a pussy debt. I’m sure a better disguise for walking into shops in New York City would be a ski mask and sunglasses. Armed shop owners in the city always love that look. It’s about time we read about Amanda Bynes and a crime where she wasn’t the perp.

Photo credit: Splash News