British Girl Gets New DD’s from British Government (VIDEO)

March 26, 2013 | bikini | editor | 0 Comments

Would you be OK with your tax dollars going to provide big beautiful fake breasts to members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee? Yes? Then you should move to jolly ‘ol England! It all started when a chick named Josie Cunningham decided that she couldn’t live with her tiny tits anymore. She wants to be a model and they tend to have larger udders than a 12 year old boy. But how is she going to pay for a £4800 surgery on a £9000 a year salary? Lucky for Josie, Great Britain has government sponsored healthcare. All she had to do was go to her doc and tell him that her small breasteses were making her depressed and before you can say “Kate Middleton Ain’t Shaint Her Taint”, Josie had brand spanking new 36 DD tits. Blimey!

Josie says the inspiration for her surgery is British glamour model and attention whore Katie Price. For those not familiar, Katie Price is essentially a Kim Kardashian of the English variety. I know we have girls in the U.S. already asking for fake body parts to look like Kim Kardashian, and that’s all kinds of horrible in its own way, but they’re paying for it the old fashioned way — daddy, boyfriend, armed robbery of bodegas. Imagine the outrage when you find out your tax dollars went to give some chick with a busted grille like Josie some new giant cans so she can try to be a reality star. At least we’ll finally have that long national debate over the importance of tits. A long time coming.

Here’s Katie Price, so you can see Josie’s life goal.

Photo credit: Splash News / WENN / PCN

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