Chris Brown Threatens Parking Attendants on Principle

By Steve G. March 08, 2013 @ 8:29 AM

Chris Brown says the reason he lost his temper and threatened a valet Wednesday night was because the guy tried to fleece him.

…the valet outside PINZ bowling alley in Studio City, CA — where Chris was attending a charity event — was supposed to charge $5 a pop … but when Chris tried to pick his car up, the valet tried to scam him by charging $10.The source says other people who parked at PINZ last night were charged $5. Chris believes he was singled out because he’s famous.Chris says it’s not about the money … it’s the principle of the thing.

Oh ok. Well that settles that. Chris Brown is just a man of the people sticking up for what’s right and not just a giant prick. He’s like Batman. If Batman had decided not to grow up to be a superhero and protect those who can’t protect themselves and instead chose to became a raging asshole who went around tasering gay rappers and beating the shit out of women because fuck them, on principle. We were too quick to judge, we know that now. Sorry Chris.  Also I hope you get Lou Gehrig Disease.


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    Toast 03/08/2013 08:45

    Can you guys spend one day over at Dlisted or DrunkenStepFather
    maybe you guys can learn how to be funny.
    Now you get!

    Lift the ban you turds!

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