Dorks Get Fired For Making Lame Computer Sex Jokes

March 23, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

No one can take a joke anymore, even a stupid nerdy one. It all started when a humorless bitch named Adria Richards overheard two dorks joking at the PyCon developers conference. They talked about their big “dongles” and how they looked forward to “forking repos”. Not only is it not funny it’s only offensive if you are looking to get offended. The guys and their dongles got fired. Then she was hit by a barrage of threats and her site was hacked by Anonymous. Then she got shit canned too, presumably for being the world’s wettest blanket. As a person who makes their living making sophomoric jokes about sex, this kind of thing really zaps my P-Ram, (ugh). In a job I recently started I had to sit through a 30 minute video with a quiz at the end about inappropriate jokes. The conclusion: you can’t say anything out loud. Not even ‘tits’. Who wants to live in that world?