Elmo Is A Meth Head AND A Child Molester

So, not only does Elmo dig underaged boys he also smokes meth? Looks that way. You may recall that Kevin Clash, the voice and puppeteer of everyone's favorite red sock, quit Sesame Street after several young men came forward to say that Clash had diddled them when they were still underage. Now one of the boys is also saying that Clash gave him meth and poppers, popular drugs in the gay world for their ability to keep you hard for hours. When men are totally in control of sex, it never really has a reason to stop. I'm not the biggest Elmo fan. I grew out of Sesame Street before he blew up and I found him to be an incredibly fucking irritating puppet. Plus, it's shitty behavior to force yourself sexually on drugged up teen boys. Unless you're a reasonably hot female high school teacher. Then the only crime you could ever be guilty of is being totally awesome.

In general, we should regard guys who handle puppets as we do men who are into magic tricks or volunteer male librarians. Guilty of some perverse shit until proven otherwise.

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