If You’re Going to Drink, Don’t Drive Into Miranda Kerr!

March 14, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Dammit. Of all the people for some drunken idiot to crash into, why Miranda Kerr? Ladies, I know you know who Miranda Kerr is. Men, unless you’re sporting neuticles where the jewels used to rest, you definitely keep yourself aware of Miranda Kerr’s work efforts. She was just born hot. And Australian. But we can’t hold that second part against her.

Now, some ginned up fucknut smashed into her on the freeway and shook up her neck and spine. Apparently, she’s going to be fine. Which is good. Because I’d hate to have to commit my life to some prison justice for the idiot who killed her. Get myself arrested on stealing Slim Jims from the 7-Eleven so I could share that guy’s cellblock then shank him in the shower. I didn’t like to shower in high school gym, let alone prisons. so this works out for the best. Next time, T-bone Orlando, you DUI douchebag.

To celebrate Miranda still being alive, check out a shit-ton of hot pictures of her we put together:

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