Justin Bieber Collapses; Rushed to Hospital (Why Rush?)

March 8, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Damn, who feels bad/prescient/hopeful now, when just yesterday I wrote:

First Chavez, now Paul Bearer, that doesn’t bode well for one celebrity come tomorrow, as these things always happen in threes. Maybe Bieber will prove this stupid superstition out and we can stop calling it a stupid superstition and just celebrate its justness.

But, fear not easily excitable tween girls and twink-loving senior bears, while Bieber did collapse at his London concert¬†tonight, he bravely, like a fucking heroic god of war, finished his crooning for the screaming hordes before being ‘rushed’ to the hospital.

You can’t kill Justin Bieber. You can only hope to poke him with a cattle prod.

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