LeAnn Rimes Plain Old-Fashioned Crazy

March 18, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Leann Rimes is slightly different than some of her ‘done gone crazy’ musical peers in so much as she can actually sing. Unfortunately for Leann, that only kind of makes her seem crazier. When shitty singers with over the top acts covering their shitting singing go nuts, it takes years to tell often. There’s all those lasers and smoke and backup dancers and elephants on stage and crap you can barely notice the pop star sucking on paint brushes dipped in terpentine in the back of the tour bus and mumbling incoherently about wanting to fuck Jesus. Leann Rimes is far easier to tell, to the point that even other public figures are calling out her crazy. Like Brandi Glanville, the plasticine Beverly Hills Housewife she paid off to divorce her husband, so Leann could marry him and seal her fate as one crazy bitch. Or her Twitter followers she’s suing because that’s just something crazy people do.

Leann is now in England at the Country2Country event singing her heart out. If she follows the crazy handbook, she’ll soon be calling America out for being a mean place and move to Europe where she’ll attend parties thrown by ambiguously gay wealthy older men who collect found art. Just watch.

Photo credit: BG / WENN

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