Marc Anthony Is Tapping This Doughy Heiress

By Lex March 01, 2013 @ 1:16 PM

Marc Anthony probably got sick to shit of seeing Jennifer Lopez having sex with, and buying Range Rovers for, her 20-something gay backup dancer  So he decided to top her by picking up 22-year old Chloe Green, the chunky big boobed heiress to the British Topshop clothing store fortune, and he took her to Disneyland with him and the kids to show JLo that he was both banging a girl half his age and also letting that same chick take care of JLo’s kids.

Marc Anthony might be a weasel-faced skinny bitch looking man-boy with a Megan’s Law mustache, but this was a power FU.

Photo credit: FameFlynet

Here’s the truly fucking annoying voiced TMZ photo-story if you care:

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    Al Bundy 03/01/2013 13:19

    >the chunky big boobed heiress<

    Chunky? Big boobed?

    Not really, but what ever.

  2. avatar
    Beppo 03/01/2013 13:30


  3. avatar
    Butt Plug 03/01/2013 13:37


    Some of your old friends want to send you a message. March Madness is coming up and Sup is setting up a yahoo tournament.

    What’s the best way to reach you?

  4. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 03/01/2013 13:42


    She has my email. I’ll be scorching my shorts with anticipation looking for it.

  5. avatar
    mr. shank 03/01/2013 13:54

    she might have bad teef

  6. avatar
    Lick-it 03/01/2013 13:56


    ….here’s a BROADER hint…..make a fake e-mail…post it here….but plug has news….

    …YOU may already be a winner….

  7. avatar
    Lick-it 03/01/2013 13:58

    Ghost of Cameltoe in Pic #2…..

    …if only Peepers were here to see this…..

  8. avatar
    Lick-it 03/01/2013 14:00

    This broad IS somewhat chunky…….

    ….but I’d fuck her….because….well….I LIKE to be inclusive….

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    RangerLG 03/01/2013 14:00

    “Here’s the truly fucking annoying voiced TMZ photo-story if you care:”

    No I don’t, please remove it.

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    Lick-it 03/01/2013 14:19

    Dear TMZ……


    Limey money is not typically green…..

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    Shibby9386 03/01/2013 16:58

    Nice attempt at trying to replicate Brandon’s posts. You fucking suck. Shut the site down or bring back the original writer. Fucking Hacks…..

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    blueskiesfrompain 03/01/2013 19:34

    The guy who wrote this must be used to banging prepubescent boys if he thinks this chick is chunky. Kelly Brook and Kate Upton must be fat pigs in his eyes…

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    redneckwordsofwisdom 03/03/2013 04:26

    Tapping. Like with his finger on her shoulder? Wouldn’t that get annoying?

  14. avatar 03/03/2013 09:17

    Chunky? What…? She is completely flat between her hip bones. You can see her spine. I know this site creeps on pre-pubescent looking chicks (I got nauseous with that last Selena Gomez post) and creepy pics of women with washboard abs sucking it in in magazine photos but please. This is what women look like once they’ve over 16 but don’t spend hours daily in the gym.

    Also, big boobs? I’m not entirely certain that the person who wrote this post has seen other women before.

    I know we’re promoting a sexist little fantasy world here but that’s a bit much.

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