Natalia Paris Says Chicken Makes You Gay; Then She Humps a Bear (VIDEO)

March 21, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Like most celebrities, Natalia Paris feels a need to share her profound thoughts on social and global issues of the day. That’s true for American celebrities or famous Colombian models who used to be shacked up with one of Pablo Escobar’s top lieutenants. Today, Natalia Paris decided to state that eating chicken produced with hormones is making boys gay. Now, I’ll go as scientifically far as to say that all the hormones we’re using in meat are probably giving some grade school boys tits. But, so is soy and tofu. So maybe our next generation of boys are just doomed to be buying training bras at twelve. But making them crave other boys? That seems like something out of the mind of a Latina model who once read a magazine article while on a private jet in between blowing a drug lord.

Here’s Natalia explaining her theory. It helps if you can speak or read Spanish. But you get the idea.

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