Nicki Minaj Blowing Up

March 14, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Right after I compared Amanda Bynes to Nicki Minaj yesterday, I felt rather shitty, for Nicki Minaj. Just look at Nicki blasting herself off on Twitter yesterday. She’s a definite thang.

While Amanda Bynes spirals toward Margot Kidder dumpster diving land, Nicki Minaj is only blowing up  bigger. Literally. I think her ass and tits are swelling with pride, or whatever chemical compounds Dow is now using in their female pride product lines. Also, Nicki looks pretty hot. If you can get past that little Jiminy Cricket in the back of your brain telling you she just might be a dude. (You know that Jiminy is there for a reason. Don’t try to drown his ass in Red Stripes.)

Most likely, Nicki is just a hot chick. Here’s some photos of her big personalities:

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