Paul Bearer R.I.P.

By Johnny Redd March 06, 2013 @ 6:31 PM

First Chavez, now Paul Bearer, that doesn’t bode well for one celebrity come tomorrow, as these things always happen in threes. Maybe Bieber will prove this stupid superstition out and we can stop calling it a stupid superstition and just celebrate its justness.

Yeah, you may not be a wrestling fan, but if you are, then you took news of Paul Bearer’s death tougher than Chavez. Unless you’re a raging Venezuelan commie wrestling fan. Then you’re probably crying over both.

Sleep well, Paul Bearer (William Moody).

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    Lick-it 03/06/2013 19:20

    Wonder who will carry his coffin..??

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    Toast 03/06/2013 19:58

    I bet Gorgeous George is waiting for him with open legs….

  3. avatar
    Toast 03/06/2013 20:01

    So am I going to go faceless?
    Open the fucking Avatars.
    Otherwise…I’m going over to

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 03/06/2013 20:33

    Umm, who cares?

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    Pener 03/06/2013 20:48

    I’m with Toast on this one.
    Turn the fucking Avatars on and unban the old folks……
    *wiggles penis

  6. avatar
    Pener 03/06/2013 20:49

    and stop deleting comments!

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    IDTTDWDT 03/06/2013 21:32

    This site has become so lazy. These jabronis just take TMZ stories wait a day and pedal them as their own.

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    Lick-it 03/06/2013 21:37


    Where did you get the avatar…?

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    sirlongfarts 03/06/2013 23:07

    I don’t get the story…is someone actually dead or ? .

    Aaaaaaand I’m done.

    Goodbye It was a great 14 years. Everyday for 14 years. I tried, I really did.

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    cinthecity 03/07/2013 06:00


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    jonnysee 03/07/2013 13:18

    This is really bad unfunny writing.

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