R.I.P. Harry Reems

By Michael March 20, 2013 @ 4:59 PM

Pioneering pornstar Harry Reems died today at the age of 65. Reems was best known for his turn as Dr. Young in the 1972 classic porn film Deep Throat. In case you haven’t seen this masterpiece, Linda Lovelace plays a woman who is unable to achieve an orgasm until her doctor, (Reems), discovers she has a clit in her throat. I think you can imagine the rest of the plot. Hint: It involves a lot of knobble schlobbing. Reems was later convicted of obscenity for his role in the film but it was later overturned on appeal. The reason we honor Harry is because he represented a purer more real era in porn.

Harry was not a good looking guy and he had a stupid Geraldo Rivera mustache and yet people paid to watch him bone. This was the era of Ron Jeremy and John Holmes, two guys that would have made unlikely sex symbols if they hadn’t had gigantic donkey dongs. Men like Reems made all of us goofy-looking guys feel like maybe, just maybe, we too could one day plow some hot chicks. Deep Throat led to a brief period in which going to watch porn in the theater was respectable. People who would never have gone to a sleazy theater covered in man goo went in droves to see these films. Imagine taking a date to see Assblasters 4: Throbbing Balloon Knots. You wouldn’t because the porn of today lacks the class, (and hairy bushes), of yesteryear. So, long Harry. May flights of titties fly thee to thy rest.

Here is Harry in Butterflies In A Nutshell. There is no nudity so you can appreciate the nuances of the acting.

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    Maybe_Observer 03/20/2013 17:40

    There is no nudity so you can appreciate the nuances of the acting…..so I will not push “play”

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    Maybe_Observer 03/20/2013 17:43

    Would girls like a ‘stache like that on my dick…???


    1.) Yes

    2.) Who gives a shit what they “like”…

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    woody 03/20/2013 19:40

    Cause of death ??? (dumbshits)

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    MrPizzaBoxMan 03/20/2013 20:00

    I’m at half mast

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    mzousmer 03/20/2013 22:38

    Harry, or uncle herbie was my dad’s first cousin. We were not very close but I appreciate the nice post. Thanks for being considerate and RIP to uncle herbie.

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    RangerLG 03/21/2013 09:07

    I’ve got to say, the chicks weren’t the hottest during that time either.

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