Vanessa Hudgens Bra Peek

By Lex March 29, 2013 @ 8:46 AM

Vanessa Hudgens Bra

Sometimes, when a girl shows her bra in public, she’s sending a message that she’s promiscuous and sexual. And in the other 99% of times, she just didn’t dress properly. But it’s so much more fun to imagine the one-percent. Not to say Vanessa Hudgens isn’t a sexual attention veteran, what with the cell phone pics of her barely legal cooch she transmitted right about the time Disney had a myocardial infarction, and her follow up ode to toplessness. Still, while my mind is imagining her body language belting out ‘ready to mount’, it’s still more likely her bra saying ‘stop shopping at Ross, you cheap bastard’.

Photo Credit: FlameFlyNet


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  1. Oldboy 03/29/2013 15:10

    Ahh yes remind of us when this site used to just show the nudity and make fun of celebrities instead of posting blatant commercials for their movies in a post with an ad for their latest film right at the top. Shrewd move there to remind us how far this site has dropped.

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