VIDEO: CNN Reporters Feel Awful For Convicted Rapists

By Travis March 18, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

If you’re unfamiliar with the case of two high school football players from Steubenville, Ohio who were recently accused of raping an unconscious 16-year old girl throughout an alcohol-fueled evening, you can get a pretty great idea of how awful this story is from yesterday’s Yahoo! report. For the short version, though, the two boys were declared guilty yesterday, and they were handed a relatively light sentence in the face of some horrible accusations.

Judge Thomas Lipps ruled Sunday in juvenile court that Steubenville High School students Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond are guilty of attacking the girl after an alcohol-fueled party last August.

The 17-year-old Mays and 16-year-old Richmond were charged with digitally penetrating the West Virginia girl, first in a car and then in a house.

Judge Tom Lipps ordered Richmond held in a juvenile detention facility for at least one year and Mays at least two years. The juvenile system could hold them until age 21. Both were required to register as juvenile sex offenders. (NBC News)

However, if you chose to watch CNN’s Candy Crowley deliver the breaking verdict news yesterday, you may have been under the impression that the boys were the actual victim. In fact, Crowley and reporter Poppy Harlow went to great lengths to discuss just how horrible this is for the two boys who were convicted of committing sexual acts on a girl who was passed out and in need of serious medical attention.

Perhaps they’ll get around to discussing the victim tomorrow, right after their 30-minute special, “Ted Bundy and the Apologies He Deserves”.

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    RangerLG 03/18/2013 10:08

    I jerked off while my wife was in the other room doing accounting.

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    Maybe_Observer 03/18/2013 10:11

    A finger in a pussy is not really “Ted Bundy-ish”…..

    ..Ted Bundy would thirty dead chicks….

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    lovejoy12345 03/18/2013 11:01

    F these dudes, their life is ruined….how about the girls life….yea CNN f’d this whole report up…they should have been slamming these guys!!! 17 year old should have been treated as an adult!!!! ’nuff said

  4. avatar
    I Blogged Your Mom 03/18/2013 11:36

    None of you morons are literate.

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    TheBlackReturns 03/18/2013 11:44

    The girls life is clearly not ruined. She didn’t even remember anything. In fact, the only irreparable harm done to her was done by the media broadcasting the fact that she was a sloppy drunk chick to the entire nation.

    The dudes got the punishment they deserved, and their lives ARE ruined.

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    LoK 03/18/2013 12:01

    Obviously these shit stains of society weren’t smart enough to foresee that they would have to face consequences for the choices they made that a normal person would say, “Hmmm, should I really be doing this?”

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    wallflower 03/18/2013 19:21

    When I was in high school, this happened every weekend. The only saving grace was no Twitter and whores who knew their place.

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    Kanye is an ass 03/19/2013 07:19

    And they say FOX is biased?! Fuck these kids. Their lives were already over, they would just end up being one of those miserable fucks who can’t talk about any success in life, except for scoring that touchdown in the big game, back in the day.

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