Chris Brown Learns It’s Not OK To Beat Women (VIDEO)

April 2, 2013 | video | editor | 0 Comments

Chris Brown sat down with the folks at the Today show to talk about his relationship to Rhianna. He revealed to Matt Lauer that while in court appointed counseling he learned that beating women to a pulp is not a good thing.

This dude is 23 years old and he’s just now finding out that you shouldn’t beat a woman so bad that she has to go to the hospital. Putting aside for a moment how monumentally stupid it is for Rhianna to get back together with a psychopath with a rage disorder, just how fucking stupid is this dancing Auto-Tune? Didn’t his mama teach him that you never EVER hit a woman? There’s no ‘First One’s Free’ gaming promotion on smacking a woman. Here’s an idea, go throw a punch at a dude much bigger and stronger than you, so, basically, any other dude besides Drake, and see what happens. In fact, go do that a lot. Asshole.

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