Jennifer Lawrence is Smoking

By Sophie April 02, 2013 @ 12:43 PM

Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Weed Hawaii

Smoking hot. But also just plain smoking. Page Six reports the Academy Award winning fiery young thing was seen Saturday night in New York City casually smoking a few cigarettes with friends. Some mom with cobwebs in her camel toe probably read about it and make a stink that the Hunger Games star is setting a bad example by smoking cigarettes, but fuck off. Jennifer also eats burgers and drinks beer and once told Rolling Stone that she doesn’t wash her hands after she pees. Basically, she doesn’t mind getting dirty or a being slight health risk or being a bit chubby so she’d probably let you raw dog her in the bum. I always just mostly assume that about girls I really dig because that puts them over the top, even if I’m not the dog. It’s easy to admire a girl who says fuck you to being proper.

(The above photo is not of Jennifer smoking death sticks over the weekend. It’s her smoking weed in Hawaii in February. Even hotter.)

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    BaggahMcGuirk 04/02/2013 14:48

    These pictures were all over the internet over a month ago, wow you guys suck now. Judging by the lack of comments I wonder just how much less traffic you guys have then when Brendon would do 2-4 posts every couple of days,That has to be pretty humiliating that a drug addict who probably wasn’t even trying the last couple of years could run a much more popular site than a bunch of retards who think quality=not only the amount of posts but how long and “edgy” they are.

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    TheBlackReturns 04/02/2013 19:13

    who smokes cigs that way? It’s clearly reef.

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    woody 04/02/2013 20:37

    if you guys weren’t retarded you’d see that she’s actually smoking a joint here.

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    TheBlackReturns 04/02/2013 20:51

    ^Yup, rolled cigarettes don’t burn like that. Are the Mormons running this site now?

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