Lady Gaga Wheels Herself into Strip Club

Lady Gaga Wheelchair Strip Club Lady Gaga has been wheelchair bound since the weight of being such an unattractive sexy symbol caused her hip to snap. But, no worries, it's a Louis Vuitton designer wheelchair especially made for her. It comes complete with a tilt function to allow her to munch on the carpets of equally unattractive women while her beard boyfriend stands by and laments. Lady Gaga wheeled herself into a Gentleman's club in Chicago over the weekend, because Dark Magic requires the sight of nasty stripper pussy to rejuvenate your bones.

Photo Credit: FlameFlynet [gallery ids="1277092,1277102,1277112,1277122,1277132,1277142,1277152,1277162,1277172,1277182,1277192"]

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