Lindsay Lohan Sucks at April Fools

By Bobby J April 02, 2013 @ 3:32 PM

Lindsay Lohan Tweeted a funny April Fool’s prank about being pregnant. Of course, she Tweeted on April 2nd. And, no, that’s not some sort of April Fool’s meta-genius. That’s getting a funny idea for a practical joke on April 1 and then being too high to Tweet until April 2. Of course the real joke here is Lindsay actually has six million people following her on Twitter. But Kim Kardashian has seventeen million. Which just goes to show you that Twitter is a social media platform designed to reward the stupid and slutty. And, trust me, you need to be both. Which is why I’m still at eleven followers.

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    Doo Doo Fresh 04/02/2013 15:40

    Cue the Scarface scene where Pacino tells Michelle Pfeiffer that her womb is too polluted to make babies.

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    datsunmech 04/02/2013 21:28

    Because when it comes time for the “Its official. Dead” Twitter post you really want everyone to have a good larf at that

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    I Blogged Your Mom 04/02/2013 23:39

    Here we have another id i o t who does not understand not to start sentences with conjunctions. Well done, editors. Wait a minute . . . nevermind . . . it’s clear there are no editors on this page. It’s clear there are no standards, either.

    By the way, thanks for the IP ban. You people s uck.

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    Shortshanks 04/03/2013 00:27

    I blogged Your Mom…….

    …you are IP banned? Who are you?

    Call me, maybe…

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