Mom Knocks Up Teenage Daughter

April 30, 2013 | News | editor | 0 Comments

This woman deserves mother of the year. A lady in jolly ‘ol England wanted to have lots of kids. So, she adopted three kids. When she was refused permission to adopt a fourth child she bought sperm over the Internet in order to impregnate her 14-year-old daughter. Not your traditional Plan B when turned down for adoption. She would inject the web obtained spunk in her daughter’s hoo-haa with a syringe. The girl miscarried 6 times (!) until one womb weasel finally stuck. Here’s the thing. In the U.K., like the U.S., you can’t just be a pregnant 14-year old without people asking questions. Questions like, ‘So, hey, who’s going to jail for banging this middle schooler?’ So mom and her turkey baster got plum busted and sentenced to five years in the Big House. The most telling part of this story is that mom thought you have to buy sperm for a 14-year old girl on the Internet. Rookie.