Now THIS GUY Has Big Balls

Sometimes it takes the plight of a guy like Wesley Warren to remind yourself how lucky you are.  Wesley literally has some big balls. They weigh 130 pounds. Just look at those fucking nuts. This poor dude suffers from a disease called scrotal lymphedema in which your scrotum fills up with all kinds of shit you don't want your ball sac filling up with.  Imagine you're talking to Warren and you complain about how your job sucks and your woman is getting fat, blah, blah, blah. All he has to say is, "Yeah, well my bobos are bigger than a german shepherd'. Enough said, Wesley.

Happy news update on Wesley Warren: it took 13 hours to remove his massive nut meat and basically reconstruct this guy's entire junk with skin grafts, but Warren is now 132 pounds lighter. Doctors don't even know how he got the disease because it usually strikes people in one of those shitty countries where the poor still die from bug bites and being dragged out in the night by chupacabras.

(Thanks to 'Brett' for the hot tip on this gargantuan scrotum situation)