Rachael Ray Hates Fat People and Skinny People (VIDEO)

April 18, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

It seems like a challenge to piss both fat people and skinny people off, but Rachael Ray’s TV show has managed to do so. Christina Pagliarolo weighs 60 pounds over the Mendoza Line and she doesn’t like angry dick trainers calling her a fat-ass and making her hike off her weight. I can relate to the angry dick trainer bit. I really don’t like people yelling at me to get shit done. But Christina volunteered to lose a few stones by prom as part of her appearance on the Rachael Ray show. And now she’s suing because she got verbally abused by the trainer the show hired to get her into her Lane Bryant prom gown. Boo-hoo. I mostly feel bad for fat people, until they whine. Nobody likes a whiny fat person. Try being more like Santa.

A few years back, this dude named Aaron Ferguson sued the Rachael Ray Show he worked for because everybody at the office kept making mean comments about him being anorexic. Yep, a dude with anorexia and he expected not to hear snickering. And what made Aaron feel whole again? You can be it wasn’t a sandwich. Nope, it was $1 million he asked for in damages.

Every time I see Rachael Ray on TV and I’m not staring at her cleavage, I’m thinking to myself, boy, she really loves everybody. Unless you’re skinny because you hate your dad or you’re obese because you hate vegetables. Then not so much.

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