Rihanna Needs Us

By Lex April 23, 2013 @ 12:56 PM

Rihanna Showing Skin While Clubbing In Miami
I guess it’s easy to hate on Rihanna for being the daft girl who falls in love with the dude who beats her. But in defense of her character, I’d like to say, she’s also really pretty damn hot. Which is why we must care about her circumstance. Men have been coming to the aid of stupid hot chicks since time began. Ugly chicks are kind of outside the chivalry circle, but that only makes them tougher and more independent. Hot girls need our sympathy, and money and unfounded trust.

Here’s Rihanna partying in Miami over the weekend.

Photo Credit: INF

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    SilentMic 04/23/2013 13:23


    Rihanna sure got hot fast, apparently.

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    Daos 04/23/2013 13:44

    Silent you’re aware there’s different writers now yes? Brendon was a bit finicky over which girls he’d bang. Probably the drugs.

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    Kraven Morehead 04/23/2013 15:32

    I’d hit that!

  4. avatar
    SilentMic 04/23/2013 21:41

    I prefer my writing to have a consistent voice, rather than the flavor-of-the-month vibe that “sells.” Pardon me for demanding some substance.

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