Sarah Hyland Is Confused

By Steve G. April 18, 2013 @ 11:34 AM

Sarah Hyland At LAX

Sarah Hyland was spotted looking a bit flustered and uncomfortable while walking through LAX, but I really don’t know what all her confusion was about. I clearly stated follow the instructions, so relax, just do as you were told and no one gets hurt. It’s all right there on the paper! Just read it Sarah, Jesus Christ!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet


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  1. Al Bundy 04/18/2013 11:47

    What an amazing and sexy posting !!!!!!!!!

  2. SomeoneluvsU 04/18/2013 14:10

    Who’s confused about Sarah’s Hymen?

  3. Pugiron 04/18/2013 16:02


  4. CMVenom 04/18/2013 22:18

    I’m confused too. She looks like she’s fifteen, but I’d do things to her like she was a 36 year old divorcee with diminished judgement skills at a bar featuring a Poison cover band.

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