Snooki Is Still Doing Her Thing

April 24, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Even though The Jersey Shore is now just a memory that requires occasional doctor visits and a Valtrex prescription, Nicole Polizzi, AKA Snooki, is still clinging to fame with her personal line of self-tanners and bronzing queens. Snooki has been Tweeting and posting pictures to Instagram this week from her promotional photo shoots for what she calls Snooki Couture, which I’m honestly surprised isn’t also her child’s name.

To her credit, though, Snooki’s trying to keep her name alive, despite the fact that it was created as part of a horrible train wreck of a gimmick. She’s also still showing off her weight loss, which, while impressive and admirable, has left her looking like a bobblehead that would be given to the first 500 people to show up to a wet t-shirt contest at a House of Pain reunion show. I’m just saying that cheek bones aren’t sexy when they can probably cut diamonds.

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