Teenage Girls Snorting Condoms Is A Thing Now (VIDEO)

April 16, 2013 | video | editor | 0 Comments

We’ve come to a point where we shouldn’t be shocked at the mind-numbingly stupid things that teenagers do, but here we are, staring at a video of a girl snorting a condom through one nostril and pulling it out of her mouth. Hey, it’s just nice to see kids using condoms for anything these days, right?

More than 895,000 people have watched this girl unroll a condom, stuff it into her nose and nearly choke as she rips it out of her mouth, and there would be a lot more to enjoy if she weren’t a teenager. Yet there are dozens of other “condom challenge” videos that have been posted by other kids, and so far the only prize appears to be eventual brain damage.

But as with most stupid things that teenagers do, I’m sure girls like this will all look back and laugh one day, as they’re shooting ping pong balls into the eager mouths of our new Chinese overlords.

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