Wesley Snipes Released Into The New Jack City

April 5, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Nino Brown is a free man…well, sort of. You will recall that the To Wong Fu Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar star was put in jail in 2010 for not filing his tax returns. He’s been remanded to The New York Community Corrections Office who will keep Blade caged up at his house until July 19. I’m sure staying at his bomb ass home will be a huge punishment. That’s like when your mom sent you to your room where all your toys and Super Nintendo we’re (I’m old, OK!). While I’m glad that Wesley is out to star in more mostly mediocre action films, I can’t help but think about the bigger issue: Why the hell don’t celebrities know they have to pay taxes?

Willie Nelson, Pam Anderson, Nick Cage, and Lindsey Lohan (natch), have all gotten into the shit with the IRS. If there are any mutherfuckers in America you don’t want to mess with it’s the IRS. They make the CIA, FBI, and Kris Jenner look like candy stripers. I just paid my taxes and I don’t have shit. WWTDD mostly pays me in chicken nuggets and cheap vodka (and they’re fucking strict about the dipping sauce handouts). Is there no one around to tell these multimillionaires that they have to pay their taxes? It’s not like Snipes forgot to check the Railroad Pension box on his W2, he owed the IRS 17 MILLION dollars. Or is the problem that these pampered Hollywood ass goblins think they are too good to join the rest of us plebs in paying taxes? Probably.