Do You Like Vegas? Do You Want a $6500 Memorial Day Weekend Trip?

By colin May 09, 2013 @ 4:22 PM

Oh, no, he’s selling out again! Devotees of awkwardly constructed personal principles hate Vegas to begin with, but for the rest of you who might want a three night, three day, hotel, airfare, transportation, and VIP nightclub trip to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend for two people courtesy of The Light Group, this is very fucking simple.

Fill out the form below. It’ll give you Twitter instructions you will follow to be entered into this contest. Be sure to use the hashtag provided or it won’t get entered. You will have just your Tweet limit characters to tell @DurdenShat why you deserve this $6500 value trip to Vegas for the upcoming holiday. We’ll pick the winner on this end and announce a week from today. I can tell you now that pity and begging won’t win out, even if you’re a really hot girl. I’m going Man of Steel on this shit. Give me something good.


Come celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Future, DJs Sky Blu and Pauly D, with a special appearance by DJ Bamboozle as they take over the Light Group’s hottest Las Vegas venues. The lucky winner will be given VIP access and table service at these highly anticipated events, and will be treated to dinner for 2 at Stack Restaurant & Bar at The Mirage, Fix Restaurant & Bar at The Bellagio and Red Square at Mandalay Bay. You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to party with the stars in Sin City over Memorial Day weekend!

Prize includes:

$1000 travel voucher for flights for two people
One hotel room for two people for three nights
Ground transportation to/from Las Vegas Airport

Friday May 25
Dinner @ STACK inside The Mirage
VIP entry + free drinks @ 1OAK for Future

Saturday May 26
Free Entry + 2 rounds of free drinks @ Liquid for Sky Blu at Aria Hotel
Dinner @ FIX inside The Bellagio
Entry, Table + Bottle @ Bank for Sky Blu

Sunday May 27
Lounge chairs, 2 pitchers, & 2 appetizers @ Bare for DJ Bamboozle at The Mirage
Dinner @ Red Square inside Mandalay Bay
Table + Bottle @ Haze for DJ Pauly D

For more information on the full Memorial Day Weekend lineups at each venue, please click the links below.


ENTRY FORM (The email and Twitter handle is how we’ll ID the winner, so be sure to enter a valid email and Twitter handle if entering for the prize. You can opt out of all future emailing below.)

And be sure to follow @DurdenShat on Twitter.

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    Admiral 05/09/2013 16:59

    Don’t do it. You know you’re not going to win. And then you’ll realize you were a free marketing puppet that wasted your time.

  2. avatar
    RangerLG 05/09/2013 17:02

    I will enter under my pseudonym, Heywood Jablowme.

  3. avatar
    dangerfantastic 05/09/2013 17:08

    sounds dreadful.

  4. avatar
    woody 05/09/2013 20:03

    Wow this is a new low. You guys reeeeaaaaalllly suck.

  5. avatar
    zionium 05/09/2013 22:05

    Can we have a logo contest to rebrand the WWTDD Vegas Giveaway logo? It looks a little…old fashioned?

  6. avatar
    Dildo Baggins 05/09/2013 22:34

    F**k The Light Group!

  7. avatar
    Blicero 05/10/2013 01:08

    Don’t bother signing up unless you have a twitter account with a shitload of followers. This is a marketing thing after all. You think they’re gonna waste their expensive Vegas package on some schmuck with 5 followers? No, they want someone with at least 10k followers to tweet OMG GUYZ I WON TYLER DURDEN VEGAS VACAY YOO SHOULD FOLLOW THEM AT THE WORST TWITTER HANDLE THEY COULD POSSIBLY THINK OF DURDENSHAT

  8. avatar
    65220 05/10/2013 01:59

    Why do you come to this website if all you do is complain?

  9. avatar
    Al Bundy 05/10/2013 02:25

    They can afford this contest, but they don’t have the money to get good writers?

  10. avatar
    zionium 05/10/2013 17:30

    @65220. You’ve posted one comment. Ever.

    You didn’t register for this site just to post your previous comment. You work for Celebuzz.

    In response to your comment, we come to this website in hopes of something good. Then, we get something other than that. So, we complain.

    That is the order of operations.

    We don’t come here to bitch. We don’t come here to have a 1/1000 chance at winning some contest. We come here to be entertained, and nothing short of clever, funny writing will do that.

    Focus there, and the rest will take care of itself. Anything (I repeat anything) other than that, and you end up with these comments.

  11. avatar
    hherpes 05/10/2013 22:39

    I want wwtdd to die peacefully and not be run into the ground. Shame.

  12. avatar
    65220 05/14/2013 07:02

    I’ve come to this site for years and I enjoy it. I found it through my brother and while I don’t find all of the posts amusing I skip the ones that don’t interest me. About a year ago out of boredom I started reading people’s was basically a 50/50 split of people having something of relevance to say and people bitching that the content sucked.
    If people honestly aren’t happy with the content they should find a new website to frequent instead of spamming the hated one. What juvenile behaviour! But should anything less be expected? I’m sure the people who hate on this site love nothing more then to get worked up over shit they can do nothing about.

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