Aaron Carter Abides

By Lex May 20, 2013 @ 12:12 PM

Aaron Carter was found mostly alive in the Conga Room of the Magic City Casino in Miami over the weekend busting out some serious rhymes and wrapping himself in the American flag. For some reason I thought he was dead then I realized I was probably thinking of his brother Nick but I checked and he’s still alive too. Fuck me. This is probably good news for the Carter family not to mention the world of suburban caucasian teen inspired hip hop.

Here’s Aaron in a recent gig at Mojoe’s bar in Joliet, IL. If you were ever jealous as fuck of Aaron at 13 playing amphitheaters full of screaming girls, this ought to help.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 05/20/2013 12:50

    Wow….I live about 20 minutes from there. Thank goodness I was out of town….

    Still, just imagine how many quasi-hot, fairly desperate to please 20-something girls with low self-esteem he banged while he was in town. So being a useless wanna-be douche has better rewards than having a job and self-respect. Welcome to 21st century America.

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    miche the killer 05/20/2013 21:59

    Did I just watch Rock of Ages filmed on a handheld? or was it Aaron Carter performing a live Rock of Ages stage performance in Joliet? how meta.

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