Amanda Bynes Enters the Naked Stage of Crazy

May 2, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Every celebrity chick meltdown eventually gets down to the naked stage of crazy. It’s invariably after the stage where the girl threatens to sue everybody’s ass over lies, disowns her family, and starts shaving her head. In fact, that’s pretty much the standard rotation for every self-medicated chick meltdown. We only get to see the celebrity slice. Amanda Bynes has hit the naked stage of crazy, Tweeting out cell phone pictures of herself in her bathroom without her clothes on. It’s clearly a cry for help. It’s also clearly Amanda Bynes’ tits. I feel like somebody should stop her. But I also feel like somebody should stop that somebody from stopping her so we can see what comes next. Because it’s not more clothes.

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