Ban Dodgeball And China Takes Over

May 11, 2013 | News | editor | 0 Comments

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education says that teaching team sports in P.E. class, especially dodgeball, is tantamount to baby murder. Cheryl Richardson, the head of the organization, says, “Dodgeball should not be part of any curriculum, ever.” God forbid our fat pre-type 2 diabetes bundles of joy break a sweat. And even worse, somebody has to lose the game! This is precisely why we’re turning into a bunch of pussies.

Team sports teach discipline and the ability to work with others. This doesn’t come naturally especially to men. Sports build character. In life it’s as important to learn how to lose gracefully as it is to win, because most of the time we don’t win. Also, a red rubber ball to the face is a good thing. It wakes you up to the fact that you are alive. Fear is good and overcoming that fear is what makes us strong. So, by all means ban team sports. America will become France and get invaded by our enemies. If we can’t stand like a man in the crossfire of some rubber balls then how are we going to stand up to Chinese bullets. No offense China, but let’s face it, you’re eventually coming for us.