Charlize Theron Has a Stupid Haircut

By Lex May 06, 2013 @ 1:49 PM

Charlize Theron Flipping Off The Camera In Los Angeles
I hate to see a good looking woman flipping people off. What could possibly make a wealthy, attractive, award-winning woman like Charlize Theron so angry? I’m guessing it’s her horrible haircut. It looks like the ‘Steve’ at my local Supercuts where you now point to a photo of a guy in a picture array whose hair you want. Unless you speak decent Serbian, it’s really for the best. I’ve been there dozens of times and never heard anybody call for the ‘Steve’. ‘Steve’ looks like a retard. I guess Charlize messed up and now she’s flipping the middle finger. Fucking, Steve hair.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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    RangerLG 05/06/2013 15:03

    That’s the finger she uses to play with herself. She just wants to share her juicy aroma.

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    LoK 05/06/2013 15:54

    I hate women with short hair

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    mattyj2001 05/07/2013 04:23

    She shaved her head for Mad Max.

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