Christian Audigier Has The Perfect Life

May 30, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Christian Audigier is the 55-year old genius behind such fashion lines as Lady and Lord Baltimore, Von Dutch and Ed Hardy, and I say genius because he’s become wealthier than most third world nations combined by selling overpriced clothes to the kind of people who think that Las Vegas is romantic. But Christian was able to turn his Ed Hardy line into a $62 million sale well after people had moved on to shinier dragons, so it’s no shock that his life became one giant pool party.

Christian and his longtime model girlfriend Nathalie Sorensen spent yesterday walking around a park, sniffing each other’s hands. And they spent last weekend celebrating his birthday as DJs at a party in Malibu. While all of this is really sweet, it still doesn’t beat the time that they rode horses on the beach together. In fact, they really need to step it back up if they want to be our favorite awful couple.

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