Courtney Stodden Is Naked (Sort Of)

By Lex May 30, 2013 @ 3:58 AM

In a not entirely unexpected stretch up the ladder toward porn, eighteen year old Courtney Stodden finally got naked for the cameras. Fully naked except for the pearls. Only, she kept her modesty by keeping her nipples and box from showing. It’s like watching one of those naughty European movies they cut for American TV. Why is Emmanuelle covering her tits with her hands? I know why Courtney is, she’s waiting for a bigger pay day.

Here’s 27 photos of Courtney Stodden without very many clothes on.

Photo credit: Coleman-Rayner/New Weekly Australia

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    Admiral 05/30/2013 06:26

    I bet she’s been kinda slutty since she was 13 or 14. Most 18 year old girls can barely walk in a straight line, let alone know how to strike perfect nude poses in front of a photographer and assistants.

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    Mud Nugget 05/30/2013 08:52

    there’s something fugly about her face. she needs cheek implants or something

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    RangerLG 05/30/2013 09:26

    If you squint real hard, you can make out what appears to be an aureola in the banner pic. I can’t get past that ribs cage and that face though.

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    RangerLG 05/30/2013 09:29

    4 comments and a Crowd Favorite. Congrats Courtney.

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    Swoosh 05/30/2013 11:18

    18 and she’s got the face of a porn star who’s been in the industry too long. Certainly something to be proud of.

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    LoK 05/30/2013 11:21

    Yeah, the body doesn’t bother me, its the f-ed up looking plastic face

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    Doo Doo Fresh 05/30/2013 11:22

    I would paint a bullseye on her rib cage so I knew where to punch her when I’m railing her bung hole.

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    miche the killer 05/30/2013 13:01

    i think she considers those shoes her trademark, but Candy at my local stripmall/club already has that copyright, so sorry. She looks like a greyhound with an eating disorder after it was in a horrible fire & had it’s human face rebuilt.

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    miche the killer 05/30/2013 13:03

    RangerLG: keep reaching for the stars, Courtney!

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    RangerLG 05/30/2013 13:34

    At least she knocked the bung hole teen mom off the list.

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    Gildorg 05/30/2013 22:23

    I would bang her ass until my dick fell off.

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