Danny Brown Was ‘Sexually Assaulted’ On Stage

May 3, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Danny Brown is best known as the genius behind the 2011 album XXX, which Spin called its hip hop album of the year, but this week he has become the unlikely face of a strange gender equality question – can a woman rape a man?

While performing on stage at a recent show in Minneapolis, Brown was allegedly accosted by a female fan who reportedly pulled his dick out and began giving him a blowjob in front of the crowd. While different accounts of the scene have surfaced on Reddit and elsewhere, Brown’s best friend and fellow rapper, Kitty Pryde, wrote that this is nothing but a case of sexual assault.

I will also say that whoever wrote on Reddit that Danny was “walking around the stage getting girls to grab his dick” is 100% false, and to blame someone for their own molestation is a shitty thing to do. Anybody who is exaggerating this tale to climax is also a lying fool, and to call it a blow job is even going a bit far because it was probably the fastest thing I’ve ever seen. “The Thing” was not a thing that Danny facilitated—it was an actual sexual assault, and somehow nobody gives a fuck about that but me.

This is a tough one, because Kitty makes a ton of valid points, but at the same time the women of Minneapolis suddenly seem a lot cooler.

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