Do You Know My Name? Yep, It’s Guilty

By Lex May 02, 2013 @ 4:56 PM

Reese Witherspoon pled no contest today in Atlanta to charges of being a completely annoying bitch at the scene of her husband’s crime. We can say ‘crime’ because Jim Toth pled guilty to DUI at the same time. Which is a actual crime, for which he got the dreaded alcohol rehab sentence and a stiff fake warning from the judge. This isn’t your daddy’s Georgia.

Updated: TMZ just put out the dash cam video of the arrest. Meh, Reese is only mildly fucking annoying. But the best is the tail end when her husband tries to distance himself from her getting up in the officer’s face. Fucking Jim.

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    SomeoneluvsU 05/02/2013 17:20

    Sentenced to 80 hours of community service nudity…..

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    SomeoneluvsU 05/02/2013 17:23

    (but only after she gets rid of that Magnum PI moustache)

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    FROME 05/02/2013 18:37


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    Pimp 05/02/2013 19:56

    “Which is a actual crime” damn, don’t you you people proofread before posting shit?

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    Ass Mint 05/02/2013 20:44

    give her a rasp so she can file down that horrible chin

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    Doo Doo Fresh 05/03/2013 09:26

    She’s making the same face she would make as I’m anally ravaging her.

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    theconnductor 05/03/2013 09:38

    Funny someone posted that Scream mask, does anyone else think the cop looked/sounded like Jamie Kennedy? Most annoying arrest video ever.

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