Jodi Arias Lives to Recycle, Or Wants To

By Lex May 23, 2013 @ 1:45 PM

It’s a scientific fact that girlfriends who are crazy sex fiends are also just plain crazy. Not all of them will murder you bloody in the shower like Jodi Arias did her boyfriend who thought he lucked into a hot piece of crazy tail. Some will just bang all your coworkers then laugh hysterically. Others might empty your bank account and blow it all on designer cats they toss from their speeding car. And then laugh hysterically. In all cases, you will wind up wishing you’d been butchered in the shower.

Before Jodi Arias gets marched out into the desert and shot or however they off death row prisoners in Arizona, she wants the jury to know that if she’s allowed to live, she’ll start a recycling program in prison. Had she tried this random save in an L.A. courtroom, not only would her life be spared, she’d be released from prison entirely, heralded in song on the shoulders of an environmentally grateful jury of her peers. We fucking love recycling in L.A. It’s the leading religion. Too bad for Jodi she blew her gasket in Arizona. She’s off to meet her maker.

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    Sally Lopez 05/23/2013 15:17

    Jodi Support site

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    Ariannnnnnna 05/23/2013 15:37

    Wow. Those crazy/ insane/ retarded/ lonely Arias supporters are efficient, I will give them that. How did she even find this random post? They lerk on all the websites and post her annoying support pages. Sorry…you and the other lonely dumb asses are the only ones that care to support a murderer. Please get off this website.

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    SomeoneluvsU 05/23/2013 15:46

    Eventually our bodies decompose and enrich the soil.
    So either way….
    She’ll be recycling.

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    Sally Lopez 05/23/2013 15:48

    Ariannnna you support that Abusive Pedo so what’s the difference? His family and him are no angels. Jodi’s no angel but damn stop playing the part that the Alexanders are. Arrest records for his whole family are posted. ABUSE / METH seems to be a thing with them.

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    RangerLG 05/23/2013 16:01

    I like turtles.

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    Doo Doo Fresh 05/23/2013 16:03

    Jodi Arias is guilty. I don’t say so, a jury of her peers says so. Quite frankly, it’s time to start caring about another cause as she’s going to be on death row in the near future.

    Too bad she looks like a Waffle House waitress thats waiting for her next bump. If she was hotter she’d have probably beat the rap.

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    Ariannnnnnna 05/23/2013 16:14

    Sally Lopez…are you personally friends with either of them? You are judging a dead man that you never met based of the accusations from a proven liar. I agree with the the jury…Jodi killed him in cold blood. So take your weird, unfounded opinion elsewhere. WWTDD is for comedy…not for weirdos like you to come on here and preach about shit you don’t even know about. I am sure you are very lonely but attaching to Jodi Arias is not going to help your inner pain. Seek Help.

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    Doo Doo Fresh 05/23/2013 16:17

    Ariana – that part about wwtdd being about comedy…can you let Lex and Sophie in on that secret?

    Also, if you’re into ass play and being tied up, email me. SRO.

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    Ariannnnnnna 05/23/2013 16:19

    I am not. But Jodi is. And that IS a fact.
    And I think this site is funny! Maybe not as vulgar as before but c’mon. It’s better than its been in a long time. Give them some credit where credit is due.

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    Doo Doo Fresh 05/23/2013 16:23

    Arianna – let me rephrase my question – are you half way decent looking, taller than 5’5, less than 130 lbs and aren’t concerned about a guy’s looks or penis size? SRO.

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    RangerLG 05/23/2013 16:28

    No, this site is not better than it has been in a long time. Back when comments would go on for 3+ pages and the posts didn’t remind me of essays written by the short bus class.

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    Ariannnnnnna 05/23/2013 16:30

    If you don’t like the site…..why are you on it? I am just curious.
    I mean…its better than it has been because there are actual posts to read. For a full year there were maybe one post a week. At least they are tying.

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    RangerLG 05/23/2013 16:58

    Quality over quantity. Most of the crap on this site right now would never have been posted when Bren was around. More posts does not make the site better. I was annoyed when Bren would go AWOL and then return with his promise of refocusing or whatever it was that month, but his style blows this college intern writing out of the water. The typos, run on sentences, lack of sentence structure, etc. With so many hands on this site now you would think they could hire a proofreader, or spell check.

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    Goodnessgracious 05/23/2013 21:31

    Stupid is as stupid does. Someone needs to take Lex’s pseudo-career as a writer/blogger/”comedian” out back behind the shed and finish the job, Old Yeller style.

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    Sally Lopez 05/24/2013 11:20

    Yes I do run & yes I’m a close friend of the family. There is two sides to every story and we are here to tell Jodi’s side. You can see the proof on our page.

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    meijer067 05/24/2013 12:59

    Jodie is a good looking slutty nutbag that’s guilty as hell and should pay for her crime with the death penalty.

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