Kiara Mia In A Bikini

By Lex May 17, 2013 @ 5:05 PM

Kiara Mia At The Beach In Miami
I’m a curious guy who loves his marine biology. If I see a giant tattooed fish with enormous tits taking pictures of itself at the ocean’s edge, I’ve got to know more about it. Turns out to be Latina porn star Kiara Mia. she makes films centered around themes important to the Hispanic community. Also films where lots of dudes spunk on her cans. That’s called range.

Here’s Kiara Mia trying to get in her front door without using her hands. If you know this as the opening scene to Oiled Babes #8, then you watch way too much porn, my friend.

Photo Credit: WENN

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    psf 05/17/2013 17:59

    that’s not a bikini, you moron.

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    Goodnessgracious 05/17/2013 19:46

    Come on, Lex, this is just getting ridiculous.

    This site used to be a consistent highlight of my day. I’ve been coming back just to read the comments, because the commentary and bevy of garbage that keeps getting posted only frustrates me…how are you qualified for this job? Half of your mistakes could be corrected if you used Google, or had a competent 8th grader proofread your posts.

    I was really hoping this reformatted site could at least put out a C+ quality effort to satisfy my habitual daily viewings, but this has been too disappointing. Thank you for ruining a wonderfully unique site, high fives to all of you for f’ing with quality banter and replacing it with this atrocity.

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    LiveLoveLife 05/18/2013 00:30

    Shes a cheap whore. Literally. Look up Julianna4u

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    Shortshanks 05/19/2013 13:15

    Best bikini ever……

    ….is that the shade of “manatee” they were talking about at Target….??

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    RangerLG 05/20/2013 09:08

    I gotta admit, that’s an ass I could get with.

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