Kimberly Garner in a Bikini

By Lex May 09, 2013 @ 11:39 AM

Kimberley Garner Bikini Photoshoot For Her Swim Collection
Kimberly Garner is yet another girl climbing her way up the reality show ladder of fame. She’s on the show Made in Chelsea which is like the British version of all the crappy reality shows on E! here. Kimberly seems to be getting well known without fucking anybody on tape, so you have to give her some kind of merit badge or something. Though she should know the porn tape is a solid shortcut and I do own a used-in-good-condition Handycam.

Here’s Kimberly posing with fruit. She’s in a bikini, so if you like hot girls in bikinis or just fresh produce, this is for you.

Photo Credit: Matthew Payne/Kimberley London

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    TwinkieRapist 05/09/2013 11:41

    In America, she’s just another slightly above average blonde. In the UK she’s a prize pig cuz her chicklets r white & straight. My point: I’m only commenting on this post b/c I’m trying to quit tweeting so much. I really don’t care abt this broad.

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    RangerLG 05/09/2013 11:58

    I thought brits had bigger tits. See Keely Hazel, Michelle Marsh, and Lucy Pinder.

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    TwinkieRapist 05/09/2013 12:12


    When I think Brit tits I think of wafer tits like Kate Moss. But that’s just me.

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    Shortshanks 05/09/2013 12:49

    British chicks are renowned for their big luscious tits……..

    ….why else would anyone talk to them…?

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    Admiral 05/09/2013 13:46

    At first I saw boobs, but then I saw her face and I was like, Keira Knightley? And then I saw her boobs again, and something wasn’t right, so I carefully read the headline.

    I’m still a little confused – that’s NOT Keira Knightley with boobs right?

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