Kris Humphries Makes Poor Choices in Women

By Lex May 03, 2013 @ 3:15 PM

Myla Sinanaj Modeling Bikinis At The Jersey Shore
Myla Sinaaj is the chick who kind of looks a bit like Kim Kardashian who Kris Humphries ran to after he became the last person on the planet to realize that his wedding to Kim Kardashian was nothing more than a cynical plot to make money. Yes, she has brunette hair and big tits like Kim. Apparently, she’s also a whackadoo.

She’s a habitual liar and dates guys and when they want to leave she claims she’s pregnant or will kill herself.

— quote from Myla’s ex, courtesy of

I’m beginning to think Kris Humphries might just be a dumb fuck. I’m not sure what he got out of the divorce settlement with Kim Kardashian last week, but it was probably two sacks of Circus Peanuts and a red balloon. And he probably thought he won.

Here’s Mylaa on the beach this week in New Jersey modeling bikinis. Modeling in New Jersey just confirms she’s nuts.

Photo Credit: PCN

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    alexice1421 05/06/2013 14:20

    Typo in the article, her name is Myla Sinanaj

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