Kylie Jenner Needs To Do More

Kylie Jenner In Short Skirt Going To The After Earth Premiere In New York Kylie Jenner is the forgotten Kardashian trollop-in-training. She's shorter and less model-y than her far more followed sister Kendall Jenner. She's less obviously annoying and press worthy than her sea hag old half-sisters. She's just a teen, so she has time to grow into her fame whore role, but if she doesn't pick up the pace with a DUI arrest or an illegitimate black baby soon, she's going to find herself out of the family. You earn, you eat.

Here's Kylie at the After Earth premiere. If you follow her Twitter, you'll know just how crazy a hair day she had!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, INF, PCN, WENN [gallery ids="1391322,1391332,1391342,1391352,1391362,1391372,1391382,1391392,1391402,1391412,1391422"]

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