Leonardo DiCaprio Is Breaking Up Relationships

May 3, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Let’s play hypothetical – let’s say that you’re a 50-year old billionaire, and for the last five years you’ve been (presumably) happily dating a 42-year old supermodel, who is also incredibly wealthy and still manages to keep it tight. Then Leonardo DiCaprio comes along and he invites you to come party with him on his giant sex yacht that is filled with 20-year old, horny models that all left their tops at home and just can’t stop giving people handjobs for shopping cash.

Do you – A) Stay faithful to your girlfriend? B) Tell her to hit the bricks, because you’re Leo’s BFF now? C) Buy an army of sex robots and conquer Australia? Well, while C is certainly the best option, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin is leaning closer to B for now, as the Daily Mail reported that his relationship with Naomi Campbell is on the rocks due to his party lifestyle and, more notably, his friendship with DiCaprio.

While I certainly feel for Campbell (seen above with DiCaprio and Doronin at the International Tiger Conservation Forum in 2010), she is well past due for her dating someone half her age phase, so this really just works out for everyone.

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