Melissa Joan Hart Gets Ass Kicking On Kickstarter

May 15, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Melissa Joan Hart is emoting sadness after her Kickstarter campaign to finance a film failed miserably. Melissa was asking for a mere $2 million but only raised $51,605. The film is called Darci’s Walk of Shame and if the opening doesn’t draw you in, nothing will…

Darci Baker is a thirty-something schoolteacher who’s really looking forward to traveling with her boyfriend to attend her sister’s wedding in Thailand. Except for the fact that she’s just been informed that budget cuts are likely to make her an ex-schoolteacher. And on her way to the airport, she happens to catch her boyfriend in bed with their travel agent, which instantly makes him her ex-boyfriend.

Wow, budgets cuts to her school and a cheating boyfriend. In case you were wondering what Millennial women who watch cable TV worry about at night, that’s it right there. The entire plot sounds like a female, less funny version of Hangover II, and that’s saying something. Add to that no titties or swearing and you have a Melissa Joan Hart movie just perfect for ABC Family. And ABC Family isn’t interested.

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