Nicole Richie Gets Candid, You Get Educated

May 2, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

If you’re like me, then you too have been wondering how the hell you can get a little more Nicole Richie in your life. Our wait is over, my friend. #CandidlyNicole is here. The web show based on the uproarious Nicole Richie Twitter feed. It was only a matter of time before social medial content was adapted for use in something really really close to social media. And Nicole has shit to say. Important shit. Like in the premiere episode where she visits Dr. Kirby, the tattoo removal specialist to talk about eliminating her tramp stamp.

Nicole: I think the main one I want to get rid of is across, going down the crack.…Do they come off, come off? Or do they come off white?
Nurse: This one will come off, come off….Done. It’s black ink against your lighter skin tone.
Nicole: I mean I’m light skinned for a black person, which I am. But like in the regular world, I’m actually olive skinned….
Dr. Kirby: What’s going on? You have some tattoos that you’re concerned about?
Nicole: I have a tramp stamp. I was 16 and an idiot and didn’t want my parents to see. You know? … I’m not that girl.
Dr. Kirby: Can I see?
Nicole: Here is my tramp stamp … it’s a cross, a butt crack cross …
Dr. Kirby: Do they [your kids] ask you about the tattoos?
Nicole: I mean their dad has a ton of tattoos and I’m fine with it. I just don’t like mine…

Shazam! It’s all right there. In addition to learning Nicole’s reticence about her tramp stamp, early on in the premiere episode when Nicole takes off her oversized sunglasses we learn that she’s not nearly as attractive as we thought.

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